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Judith Hackitt's 'Risk Assessment' - It's all about the people

It's all about people...

31 December 2014

Forty years ago, on 1 January 1975, HSE was formally established, some six months after the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Last year we and many of our stakeholders noted the 40th anniversary of the Act itself. Many commented on the extraordinary resilience and adaptability of the legislation which has enabled those sound principles to be applied to a constantly changing work environment and has delivered one of the best workplace health and safety regimes in the world.

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About this blog

In this regular blog, the HSE chair Judith Hackitt will cast her eye over developments in the world of health and safety - many of which go unnoticed by the media.

She will give her own assessment of some of the underlying issues in the public debate about how we manage risk in British workplaces, and make a strong case for putting common sense and proportionate decision making at the heart of our approach.

While some stories speak for themselves, others bear a closer analysis and through this blog Judith Hackitt will offer her perspective as the woman leading Britain's workplace safety and health watchdog.

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