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Most common lies told by British workers revealed


By Daniel Hunter

New research has revealed that more than half of Britons lie about the amount of overtime they work, with two thirds of those stating that they did so because they needed the extra money.

The results also revealed that almost a third of workers lie about expenses that they claim back from the company they work for.

VoucherCodesPro.co.uk conducted the poll as part of its ongoing research into Britons' financial situations. Our TV screens seem to be overwhelmed by solicitors imploring us to claim for any little mishap, there is obviously no such thing as an accident in this day and age. Somebody is to blame and they need to pay!. With this in mind, it would surely be a very brave (or maybe foolish) owner of any business, be it big or small who decided that they didn't need public liability insurance. Click the link to get an answer to any questions that you might have on Is Public Liability Insurance Mandatory For Small Businesses?.2,652 Britons aged 18 and over, all of whom disclosed to researchers that they were in full-time employment, were quizzed about their earnings, work hours and expenses.

All respondents were asked 'Which of the following have you lied to your employer about?' Respondents were presented with a list of options and were asked to select all of those which applied to them. The top ten lies were revealed as follows:

1. Overtime -- 51%

2. Reason for absence (e.g. fake illness) -- 41%

3. Expenses -- 31%

4. Mileage -- 30%

5. Qualifications and experience -- 28%

6. Work productivity levels - 25%

7. Business meetings -- 13%

8. Tools and Equipment -- 11%

9. Being a parent -- 9%

10. Marital status -- 6%

The same group of respondents were then asked 'Why do you tell these lies to your employer?' A majority of respondents (65%) who selected 'overtime' revealed that they did so as they were in need of the extra money. 21% of respondents said they lied because they could, whilst 14% said they did so because they disliked their employer.

Those who said they lied about overtime were asked to reveal how much overtime they overstated, on average. The average answer amongst these respondents was revealed as five hours per week.

Nick Swan, Founder and CEO of VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, commented: "If you feel that you are in need of more money, there are better ways to make extra cash than to lie about expenses, overtime or mileage to your employer. You could get a second job, ask for a pay rise or sell unwanted items. Lying to get more money really isn't the answer."


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